QD138 Starter Motor For Changchai Engine

QD138 Starter Motor For Changchai Engine

Changchai Engine QD138 Starter Motor

Product Details

QD138 Starter Motor For Changchai Engine 

Details: 12V,2.5KW,3M 11T

Application: Changchai ZN390T,3LS27T engine

Other Changchai Engine Starter:

Single Cylinder Diesel Engine  Starters for Changchai
NoProductCode NoSpecificationEngine Application
1StarterQD1109120.82.59Changchai Diesel Engine R180AM
2StarterQD1202A121.8311Changchai Diesel Engine S195M
3StarterQD1249121.639Changchai Diesel Engine R190M
4StarterQD1275121.8310Changchai Diesel Engine R190M1
5StarterQD1332D122312Changchai Diesel Engine S195Y
6StarterQD1332DA122312Changchai Diesel Engine S1115B
7StarterQD1336122310Changchai Diesel Engine H14M1
8StarterQD137A122.2312Changchai Diesel Engine ZS1115M
9StarterQD137WZ122.2312Changchai Diesel Engine ZS1115M-D
10StarterQD138C122.5311Changchai Diesel Engine ZS1110PEM

Changchai Diesel Engine S1115MS
12StarterQD139DA123312Changchai Diesel Engine L28B
13StarterQD139G123312Changchai Diesel Engine L30M
14StarterQD139H123312Changchai Diesel Engine L30M-C
15StarterQD1310G123312Changchai Diesel Engine ZS1115M-A
16StarterQD1310H123312Changchai Diesel Engine ZS1115M-B
17StarterQD1310WZ123312Changchai Diesel Engine ZS1115M-C
18StarterQD157G123.2311Changchai Diesel Engine L26PEM
19StarterQD157H123.2311Changchai Diesel Engine L24PEM
20StarterQD159C123.4311Changchai Diesel Engine L26PEM-1

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