Fuel Injection Pump 3015253 FC9140RX

Fuel Injection Pump 3015253 FC9140RX

N14C PT Fuel Injection Pump 3015253 FC9140RX For Cummins

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Product Details

Manufacturer Part Number: FC9140RX

Cummins Fuel Injector Pump: 3015253

Other Cummins Parts:

Engine ModelParts NameEngine ModelParts Name
NT855-P300engine parts for cumminsNTA855-Mfuel pump for cummins
NT855-P360crankshaft for cumminsNTA855-D(M)injector for cummins
NTA855-P400camshaft for cumminsKTA19-Moil cooler
NTA855-P450cylinder block for cumminsKTA19-D(M)turbocharger
NTA855-P470cylinder liner for cumminsKTA19-M3actuator
KTA19-P495cylinder head for cumminsKTA19-M4solenoid valve
NTA855-P500piston KT38-Mcontrol governor
KTA19-P500piston ring KTA38-D(M)fan 
KTA19-P600connecting rod KTA38-M0belt
KTAA19-P673main bearing KTA38-M1radiator
KTA19-P680con rod bearing K50-M heat exchanger
KTA19-P700intake valve K50-DM sea water pump
KTA19-P750exhaust valve  NTAA855-G7Aexhaust manifold
KTA19-P755water pumpKTA19-G2fuel filter
KTAA19-P818lubricating oil pump KTA19-G3air cleaner
KT38-P830nozzle KTA19-G4oil filter
KTA38-P980push rod KTAA19-G5flywheel
KT38-P1000alternator for cumminsKTAA19-G6Aidler lever
KTA38-P1200starting motor for cumminsKTA19-G8fan pulley
KTA38-P1300instrument panel QSK19-G4 fan hub 
KTA38-P1400harness wiring KTA38-G1rocker lever 
KTA38-P1490sensor KTA38-G2Brocker lever housing 
KTA50-P1645transducer KTA38-G4oil pan
MTAA11-G3thermostat KTA38-G9gear cover
NTA855-G1panel bracketQSKTA38-G5water inlet / outlet tube
NTA855-G2Awater pump impeller KTA50-G3air inlet / outlet tube
NTA855-G3oil sealKTA50-GS8injector pump 
NTA855-G4cylinder head gasketKTA50-G9generator set 

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