Wholesale Inventory Perkins Oil Filter 4627133

Wholesale Inventory Perkins Oil Filter 4627133

Part Number: 4627133
Parts Name: Oil Filter
Brand: Perkins
Replaces: Perkins 2654A111

Product Details

Product Introduction of the Oil Filter 4627133:

The Oil Filter 4627133 can replace Perkins 2654A111.


Spin on oil filter for Perkins engines, designed to meet the needs of Perkins engines by providing superior protection against particles that can make their way into the lubrication system during service or from component wear.


Product Parameter of the Oil Filter 4627133:


Part Number


Parts Name

Oil Filter



Overall Height

202.00 mm

Outer diameter 

93.00 mm

Seal outer diameter

72.00 mm


Perkins 2654A111


Product Features of the Oil Filter 4627133:

There is a bypass valve at the top of the oil filter 4627133 to ensure the engine oil is in the right place during starting and operation. Supplied complete with sealing ring.


The Oil Filter 4627133 can use on the 1100 Series 1104D-E44TA and 1200 Series 1206F-E70TTA.


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