Replace Perkins Genuine Oil Filter 2654407

Replace Perkins Genuine Oil Filter 2654407

Part Number: 2654407
Parts Name: Oil Filter
Brand: Perkins
Replaces: Fleetguard LF699

Product Details

Product Introduction of the Genuine Perkins Oil Filter 2654407:

The oil filter 2654407 element media is Ahlstrom Oil Paper, this paper with good filtration efficiency, the technology is the same as the original factory.


Product Parameter of the Genuine Perkins Oil Filter 2654407:


Part Number


Parts Name

Oil Filter



Overall Height

170.60 mm

External diameter

96.00 mm

Seal outer diameter

71.60 mm

Thread Size

3/4-16 UNF-2B


Fleetguard LF699


Product Features of the Genuine Perkins Oil Filter 2654407:


2654407 element media and Technology Comparation.

Our 2654407 element (left picture) media is Ahlstrom Oil Paper, this paper with good filtration efficiency. Our 2654407 element stiffness good, glue evenly. There is a bypass valve at the bottom of the inner element, which can ensure the safety of the filter and the better protection engine.

The other suppliers Cheap 2654407(right picture) media is very poor, filter poor, stiffness poor. The glue is uneven. And no have bypass valve.


The Filters quality is not looks the printing and price only, the filters quality is base on the filtration material quality and the Inner element Technology. Please believe “You get what you pay for”


Perkins element 2654407

Perkins 2654407 element media

CAT OIl filter 2654407

Oil fitler 2654407 bypass valve



The Perkins oil filter 2654407 can use on many series of engines, as follows:


1000 Series

1004 Fed.CC, 1004-4, 1004-40, 1004-40T, 1004-40TA, 1004-42, 1004-4T, 1004e-4TW, 1006-6, 1006-60, 1006-60T, 1006-60TA, 1006-60TW, 1006-6T, 1006e-6TW

1100 Series

1104A-44, 1104A-44T, 1104A-44TA, 1104C-44, 1104C-44T, 1104C-44TA, 1104C-E44, 1104C-E44T, 1104C-E44TA, 1104C-ET, 1104D-44, 1104D-44T, 1104D-44TA, 1104D-E44T, 1104D-E44TA

1204E-E44TA, 1204E-E44TTA, 1204F-E44TA, 1204F-E44TTA

4.108 Series


4.165 Series


4.236 Series


4.318 Series


400   Series

404D-22, 404F-22

6.247 Series


6.354 Series

6.354, 6.3541, 6.3542, 6.3544, 6.372, 6.3724, C6.3542, C6.3544, H6.354, H6.3544, HT6.354, HT6.3644, T6.354, T6.3541, T6.3543, T6.3544, TC6.3541

900   Series


V8.540 Series

T8.540, TV8.510, V8.510

V8.640 Series

T8.640, V8.640


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