Oil Filter 31A40-02101 For Yanmar 3T90TJ 4TNE84T 3TNV88 4TNE88 Eneines

Oil Filter 31A40-02101 For Yanmar 3T90TJ 4TNE84T 3TNV88 4TNE88 Eneines

31A40-02101 Oil Filter Reference Cross John Deere AM101378 Yanmar 129150-35153 129150-35151 Fleetguard LF3462 Use For KUBOTA D850-5B D905 D9505B Engine

Product Details

Product Parameter of the 31A40-02101 Oil Filter


Parts Number:


Parts Name:

Oil Filter

Physical Dimensions

Overall Height

68 mm (2.677 inch)

Largest OD

71 mm (2.795 inch)

O-Ring gasket

58x65 rnd

Thread Size





WIX 51334

Mann W67/1

John Deere AM101378

Yanmar 129150-35153


Fleetguard LF3462




Airman AX29U; AX32U; AX36U(Isuzu 3LD1 Engine), Allmand Night-Lite Pro(Kubotal D905E Engine), PLB20D(Kubota D905E Engine), TLB225(Kubota D905 Engine), TLB35D(Isuzu 3LD1 Engine), TLB535(Isuzu 3LD1 Engine), Atlas Copco 15KW(Kubota V1902B Engine), Ausa CE11; CE16, Avant 520(Kubota D722 Engine), Blackrock Blackrock(Kubota D722 Engine), Blackrock(Kubota Z482 Engine), Bobcat Melroe 322G, 453F(Kubota D722 Engine), X320, Case IHC 1825(Kubota V1110 Engine), CX50B, Cub Cadet 1512(Kubota Diesel Engine), 1572(Kubota Diesel Engine), 1772; 1782(Kubota Engine), 2182(Kubota 21hp Engine), 782; 882(Kubota Engine), Gehl 142; 152(Yanmar 4TNE74 Engine), 153(Yanmar 3TNE74 Engine), 153(Yanmar 3TNV76 Engine), 192(Yanmar 4TNE74 Engine), 193(Yanmar 3TNE74 Engine), 222(Yanmar 4TNE74 Engine), 223(Yanmar 3TNE74 Engine), 223(Yanmar 3TNV76 Engine), RL20DX(Kubota D722 Engine), Hanix H08B(Kubota D722 Engine), H26B; H36B(Isuzu 3LD1 Engine), Hitachi EX12-2(Kubota D1105-KA Engine), EX15, EX15-2(Kubota D1105 Engine), EX15-2, EX16-2, EX16-2B(Kubota D1105 Engine), EX16-2B, EX17-2; EX17-2B, EX22-2(Kubota D1105 Engine), EX22-2(Kubota D905E Engine), EX22-2(Kubota Engine), EX25-2(Kubota D1105KA Engine), EX27U(Isuzu 3LD1 Engine), EX30 Zaxis, EX30-2(Kubota Engine), EX30-2, EX30-2(Kubota V1505KA Engine), EX35-2(Kubota V1505KA Engine), EX8; EX8-2(Kubota Z482-B Engine), HX140B(Kubota D1105 Engine), HX99B(Kubota D1105 Engine), RT30(Isuzu 3LB1 Engine), UE10(Mitsubishi K3B Engine), UE15(Isuzu 3KB1 Engine), UE20(Mitsubishi K3E Engine), ZX27U-2CLR Zaxis, ZX30(Kubota V1505 Engine), ZX35(Kubota V1505 Engine), ZX35, Hokuetsu Kogyo AX20U(Kubota D1105E Engine), Honda CR-V(2.0L Engine) From 1999, CR-V(2.0L Engine) From 2000, CR-V(2.0L Engine) From 2001, S2000(2.0L Engine) From 2001, S2000(2.0L Engine) From 2002, S2000(2.0L Engine) From 2003, S2000(2.2L Engine) From 2000, S2000(2.2L Engine) From 2004, S2000(2.2L Engine) From 2005, S2000(2.2L Engine) From 2006, S2000(2.2L Engine) From 2007, S2000(2.2L Engine) From 2008, S2000(2.2L Engine) From 2009, IHI 15J, 28N, Ingersoll Rand 7-20(Kubota D1005 Engine), L5(Kubota D905E Engine), L8(Kubota D1105E Engine), Iseki TX2160HST, Jacobsen 2315(Kubota D950 Engine), Kaeser M20(Kubota D722 Engine), Mobilair M22(Kubota D905 Engine), Kioti CK20, Komatsu FD25-11, FD30T-12(Isuzu Engine), PC01-1(2T80L Engine), PC01-1(Honda GX160K1 Engine), PC18MR-3(3D67E-2 Engine), Kubota 1140CPX RTV, B1502M, B1550, B1550D; B1550E; B1550HSD; B1550HSE; B1550HST(Kubota D850-5B Engine), B1600, B1700, B1700, B1700DT; B1700E, B1700HST(D905-D10 Engine), B1710(D905 Engine), B1710, B1750D; B1750E; B1750HSD; B1750HSE; B1750HST(Kubota D950-5B Engine), B20(Kubota D950-AT Engine), B21(Kubota D1005-TLB Engine), B2100(D1005-D10 Engine), B2100DT(D1005-D10 Engine), B2100HST(D1005-D10 Engine), B2110(D1005 Engine), B2110D, B2110HDB, B2150(V1200-5B Engine), B2150D, B2320DT; B2320DWO; B2320HSD(D1105-E3 Engine), B2400(Kubota D1105-D10 Engine), B2400, B2400DT(D1105-D10 Engine), B2400HFT, B2410HSD(D1105 Engine), B2410HSDB(D1105 Engine), B2410HSE(D1105 Engine), B26 TLB(D1105 Engine), B2620HSD(D1105-E3 Engine), B2630HSD(D1105-E Engine), B2630HSD(D1105-E Engine), B2650HSDC(D1305-E4 Engine), B2920HSD(D1305-E3 Engine), B4200D, B5100; B5100DT, B5200(Kubota D750 Engine), B6100(D650A Engine), B6100HST; B6200HST(D650B Engine), B6200(D850A Engine), B6200, B7100(D750A Engine), B7100, B7100HST, B7200(D950LA Engine), B7500(D1105 Engine), B7500DT; B7500HSD(D1005 Engine), B8200; B8200HST, B9200; B9200HST, BX22(D905E Engine), BX2200(D905E Engine), BX2200D(D905E Engine), BX22LB-B; BX23LB-B; BX23LB-T(D905E Engine), BX2660; BX2660D(D1005-E3 Engine), BX2670(D1005 Engine), D1105, D1105KA, D600B; D650, D722, D722, D722; D722-E, D750B; D850; D950, D850B; D950-B, D902, D905E; D1005-E, DF972; DG972; WG972, F2000, F2100(Kubota D950-FM Engine), F2260; F2260R(D1005 Engine), F2560, F2560ER(D1005E Engine), F2560R(D1105E Engine), F2680E(D1105-E3 Engine), F2690 4WD; F2690E 2WD(D1105 Engine), F2880; F2880E(D1105 E2 Engine), F3080(D1305-E3 Engine), F3680, F3990(V1505T Engine), G1700, G1700, G3200, G4200, G4200H, G5200; G5200H, G6200(D640 Engine), GL4500S(ZB400 Engine), GL5500S(ZB500 Engine), GL6500S(ZB600 Engine), GT1050(WG750 Engine), GT850(D662 Engine), K008(D722 Engine), K008, K008 Alpha(D722 Engine), K008-3(D722 Engine), K008-3, K025, KH007; KH007R-1; KH007R-2(Z430-K1 Engine), KH008, KH1D, KH21, KH30(Z600 KW3 Engine), KH31; KH35; KH36, KH41(Kubota D950-BH1 Engine), KH5(D722E Engine), KH5(Z600-K1 Engine), KH50; KH51; KH55(D950 Engine), KH61(Kubota D950-BH1 Engine), KH8-2(D850-B Engine), KX36, KX71, PX2100(Kubota D950-AM Engine), RG30, RTV1140CPX(D1105-E3 Engine), RTV-X1100(D1105-E3 Engine), RTV-X1120D(D1105-E4 Engine), T1600(Z482 Engine), T1600H(Z482 Engine), U10-3, U10-3(D722 Engine), U20(D1105 Engine), U20-3, U20-3 Alpha(D1105-E2 Engine), U25-3, U25-3, U25-3 Alpha(D1105-E2 Engine), U35(V1505 Engine), V800B; V1100B, WG600B; WG750B, Z400B; Z500; Z600B, Z482-E, ZD25F(D1005-E2 Engine), ZD28(Kubota D1105 Engine), ZD28(Kubota D1105 Engine), ZD326(D1005-E2 Engine), ZD331(D1305-E3 Engine), ZG327P(KGZ770-E2 Engine), Liebherr 216(Kuboto D1005 Engine), Mazda Miata 1.8L From 2004, New Holland 120 Rustler(Kubota D722 Diesel Engine), E27.2SR, E50.2SR, Northern Lights NL368; NL374, NL378; NL378K, NL484; NL484K; NL488; NL488K, NL498K, Onan CNQD 10000 HDCA(Kubota Engine), DKC, DKC RV, DKC; DKD, DKD, DKD RV, DKG, DKG, HDCAA, HDCAA; HDCAB, HDCAB, HDCAC, MDKC; MDKD, Quiet Diesel 10000 HDCA(Kubota Engine), Quiet Diesel 12500 HDCA(Kubota Engine), Ransomes Jacobsen Greenplex, Shibaura GT161, Takeuchi TB035, Terex HR14, Terramite TX25(Isuzu 3LB1 Engine), Thwaites 3 Ton(Yanmar Engine), 3 Ton Alldrive(Yanmar Engine), 3 Ton Mach 270(Yanmar Engine), Toro 3100, 3500D Groundsmaster, Greensmaster 3000D, Groundsmaster 220D, Groundsmaster 223D, Groundsmaster 224, Groundsmaster 328D, Groundsmaster 3500D, Groundsmaster 3505D, Reelmaster 223(Mitsubishi Engine), Reelmaster 223D, Reelmaster 3100D(Kubota D1105 Engine), Reelmaster 5100D, Reelmaster 5200D, Reelmaster 5300, Reelmaster 5400D(Kubota D1105 Engine), Reelmaster 5500D(Kubota Engine), Reelmaster 6500D; Reelmaster 6700D, Workman 3200, Workman 3210; Workman 3220, Workman 3300D(Liquid Cooled Engine) From Up To To 2002, Workman 3310D; Workman 3320D, Workman 3410, Workman 4200(Liquid Cooled Engine) From Up To To 2002, Workman 4300D(Liquid Cooled Engine) From Up To To 2002, Turner 320 Hustler, Upright AB46(Kubota D905 Diesel Engine), AB46(Kubota WG750 Gas Engine), LX31; LX41; LX50(Kubota D905 Engine), LX31; LX41; LX50(Kubota WG750 Engine), XRT27; XRT33(Kubota D905 Engine), Vibromax W1500(Kubota D1005 Engine), Wacker Neuson LT4; LTP4K(Kubota D905 Engine), LT4Z; LTP4Z; LTW4Z; LTWP4Z; LTW6Z(Isuzu 3LB1 Engine), Westerbeke 8.0BTD, RD60; RD80, W10 Two; W13A; W18; W21; W27, W41G, W70G, Yanmar 1-2-3 GM, 1GM, B08-3, B25V, B25V, F14; F14D; GT14; F15; F15D; F16; F16D, F18D, F20D, F22D, FX24D, YM12; YM14, YM1300; YM1301; YM1301D, YM135; YM135D, YM140; YM140D; YM142; YM146; YM147; YM147D, YM1401; YM1401D, YM1500; YM1500D; YM1600; YM1700; YM1900, YM1510; YM1510D, YM155; YM155D; YM165; YM165D, YM155D, YM1610; YM1801D, YM180; YM180D; YM186; YM186D; YM187; YM187D, YM1802; YM1802D; YM1810; YM1810D, YM195; YM195D, YM2000; YM2001, YM2002, YM2020; YM2020D, YM220; YM220D; YM226; YM226D, YM2200; YM2210D; YM2420D, YM240; YM240D, YM2500; YM3000, ym276; YM276D, YM330; YM330D, YM336; YM336D, YM4240D

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