IVECO Oil Filter 1903629 Fleetguard LF3594

IVECO Oil Filter 1903629 Fleetguard LF3594

Part Number:1903629
Parts Name:Oil Filter
Replaces:Fleetguard LF3594, Baldwin BD325

Product Details

Product Introduction of the Oil Filter 1903629:

The Oil Filter 1903629 can replace Fleetguard LF3594, Baldwin BD325.


Product Parameter of the Oil Filter 1903629:

Part Number


Parts Name

Oil Filter



Overall Height

213.00 mm

Outer Diameter

108.00 mm

Thread Size



Product Features of the Oil Filter 1903629:

The oil filter 1903629 is used to remove the debris, glue and moisture in the oil, and to transfer the clean oil to the lubricating parts.In order to reduce the frictional resistance between the relative moving parts in the engine, the wear of the parts is reduced, and the oil is continuously transferred to the friction surface of various motor parts, forming lubricating film and lubrication.


Our advantage:

1: Stable Quality :

Our Filter Filtration Materials from HV, Ahlstrom, Gessner.  Our Filters Technology the same as genuine standard.

2:Competitive Price: 

Base on the same quality our price will be cheap 20%, Our price only about 30%-40% of the original filter, our filter price with competitive.

Product Application of the Oil Filter 1903629:



IVECO AIFO-------Marine Engine--

IVECO AIFO-8210SRM36.11--

IVECO AIFO-------Marine Engine--

IVECO AIFO-8361SRM37.10--

IVECO AIFO-------Marine Engine--

IVECO AIFO-8361SM21.00--

IVECO AIFO-------Marine Engine--

IVECO AIFO-8460SRM45.11--

IVECO AIFO-------Marine Engine--


IVECO AIFO-------Marine Engine--

IVECO AIFO-8361SRM32.00--

IVECO AIFO-------Marine Engine--


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