Hydac Hydraulic Filter 0160R010BN4HC 1262957

Hydac Hydraulic Filter 0160R010BN4HC 1262957

Part Number:0160R010BN4HC
Parts Name:Hydraulic Filter
Replaces:Hydac 1262957, Fleetguard HF6887

Product Details

Product Introduction of the Hydraulic Filter 0160R010BN4HC:

The Hydraulic Filter 0160R010BN4HC can replace Hydac 1262957, Fleetguard HF6887.


Product Parameter of the Hydraulic Filter 0160R010BN4HC:

Part Number


Parts Name

Hydraulic Filter



Overall Height

142.00 mm

Outer Diameter

72.00 mm

Inner Diameter

33.00 mm


Product Features of the Hydraulic Filter 0160R010BN4HC:

The media that we offer in the Hydac 0160R010BN4HC is the most efficient filtration media a hydraulic filter element can offer.


Microglass` ability to capture 400 percent more particulate than Cellulose filter elements is why it is the best media choice for your hydraulic filter.

The uniform shape and density of the glass fibers is what ensures the hydraulic filter`s 99.9% efficiency.


Microglass filter elements are an excellent way to prevent unscheduled downtime and prolong the life of your hydraulic fluid.



1:How to sure our filters quality is good quality?

First, you can buy some samples to check our quality,the filters quality is base on the filter material and Technology. that will be clearly for you.

2:Why our price is more high than other supplier from china?

First:Our filters filtration material from HV, Alstrom, Gessner--The filtration quality is very import for filters filtration efficiency;

Second:Our Filter Technology with genuine standard;

Third: Our Service is Sales manager service,anything will be high efficiency.

Please believe "You get what you pay for".

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