Replacement Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P170546

Replacement Donaldson Hydraulic Filter P170546

Part Number: P170546
Parts Name: Hydraulic Filter
Brand: Donaldson
Replaces: Fleetguard HF35438, Baldwin BT23609-MPG, OSHKOSH-3HB242

Product Details

Product Introduction of the Hydraulic Filter P170546:


The Hydraulic Filter P170546 can replace Fleetguard HF35438, Baldwin BT23609-MPG, OSHKOSH-3HB242.


Product Parameter of the Hydraulic Filter P170546:

Part Number


Parts Name

Hydraulic Filter



Overall Height

362.00 mm

Outer Diameter

121.00 mm

Gasket Outer Diameter


Gasket Inner Diameter

79.00 mm

Thread Size

1 3/4 -12 UN

Product Feature of the Hydraulic Filter P170546: 

The function of hydraulic filter is to filter various impurities in hydraulic system. The main sources are the mechanical impurities remaining in the hydraulic system after cleaning, such as water rust, cast sand, welding slag, iron chips, coatings, paint skins and cotton chips, and impurities that enter the hydraulic system externally. Such as dust entering through the refueling port and dust ring; impurities produced by the working process, such as fragments formed by the hydraulic action of the seal, metal powder caused by relative wear by movement, colloid and asphaltene produced by the oxidation modification of the oil, Charcoal residue, etc


The material of hydraulic filter P170546 is glass fiber, which is an excellent inorganic nonmetallic material. It has the characteristics of good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. Filter effect is much higher than ordinary filter paper.


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