Caterpillar Hydraulic Filter 179-9806 1799806 179-9806X

Caterpillar Hydraulic Filter 179-9806 1799806 179-9806X

Part Number:179-9806, 1799806, 179-9806X
Parts Name:Hydraulic Filter
Replaces:Fleetguard HF35440, Baldwin PT9556-MPG

Product Details

Product Introduction of the Hydraulic Filter 179-9806:


The Hydraulic Filter 179-9806 can replace Fleetguard HF35440, Baldwin PT9556-MPG.


Product Parameter of the Hydraulic Filter 179-9806:


Part Number

179-9806, 1799806, 179-9806X

Parts Name

Hydraulic Filter



Overall Height

425.00 mm

Largest OD

142.00 mm

Largest End ID

98.00 mm

Gasket Inside Diameter

98.00 mm

Efficiency Rating

Ultra High Efficiency


Product Features of the Hydraulic Filter 179-9806:


• Proprietary filter media provides unsurpassed protection
• Increased debris holding capability
• Increased resistance to collapse


Product Application of the Hydraulic Filter 179-9806:



MH3295, M325D MH M325D L MH

W345C MH M330D M325C MH

558 2484C, 559C, 521B, 548 579C, 322C, 559D, 2384D, 579D, 2484D, 2384C, 345C, 522B

345D, 349E L VG 385C L MH 325D L 311C 336D L 326D2, 311F LRR 345D L 345B, 330D2 L 385C L 336D2, 330B, 390F L 320D2 GC 324E LN 325D, 336E L323D L 315F LCR 345C MH 345B L 324D, 320C, 325C, 324D L 314D LCR 385C, 345D L VG 320B FM LL 365C L MH 314E CR 312C L 330D2 315C, 330F, 328D LCR 345C, 323F 329D L 325B L 336F LN 349F L 349F LXE 340F L UHD 340D L 336D2 LXE 322B, 345C L 320D L 314F CR 349D, 326D2 L 320D, 329D2 L 568 FM 320B, 385B, 320D RR 314C 318C, 329D, 538 321B, 320D FM RR 349D L 320D GC 336D2 GC 330C, 330D L 336E LH 320D2 L 322C, 365C 340D2 L 336F L XE 320D2, 336F, 329D2, 323E L 330D FM 349D2 L 329E L 336E, 314E LCR 325D FM 315B FM L 323F L 325B, 325F LCR 352F-VG 330C L 336D2 L 323D2 L374D L 311D LRR M325D L MH 336D, 318B N 323E LN 314D CR 336F L 320D LRR 340F, 322B L 326F L 312C, 320E LRR 321D LCR 320E LN 336D LN 312B,323D LN 336E HVG 320D FM 5090B, 349E, 320E L 352F, 325C FM 330D, 330B L 330C MH 349E L 352FMHPU 385C FS 325D FM LL 390F 324D FM 349D2,365B II 325D MH 345B II 326F, 374F L 323D, 390D, 325C L 336FMHPU 323D3 365B

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