Replace CAT Fuel Filter 364-5287, 3645287

Replace CAT Fuel Filter 364-5287, 3645287

Part Number: 364-5287, 3645287
Parts Name: Fuel Filter
Brand: Caterpillar
Replaces: Donaldson P551313

Product Details

Product Introduction of the Fuel Filter 364-5278:

Ultra High Efficiency Fuel Filters 364-5287 are built to meet strict fuel cleanliness requirements demanded by tighter component tolerances, increased engine temperatures, higher injector pressures and strict emission guidelines.

Constructed with a strong, one-piece can design and a non-metallic center tube that is cleaner and stronger than metal, Cat Fuel Filters maximize cleanliness and minimize potential leaks. 

Product Parameter of the Fuel Filter 364-5278:


Part Number

364-5287, 3645287

Parts Name

Fuel Filter



Overall Height

177 mm

Outer diameter 

93 mm

Thread Size


Efficiency Rating

Ultra High Efficiency


Donaldson P551313



Product Features of the Fuel Filter 364-5278:

CAT Fuel Element 364-5287

CAT OEM 364-5287

The Fuel Filter 364-5287 has some advantage as follows:
• Proprietary filter media provides unsurpassed protection

The fuel filter 364-5287 media is High filtration paper, It provides unsurpassed protection.

• Acrylic beads to avoid bunching 

The fuel filter 364-5287 have Acrylic beads which prevent bunching. Many other filters do not exist in this Acrylic beads.


• Spiral roving for better pleat stability 

The fuel filter 364-5287 feature a unique fiberglass spiral roving to ensure that pleats don’t flex,putting an end to pleat movement.


• A nylon center tube to prohibit metal contamination

The fuel filter 364-5287 are made with non-metallic center tubes to better protect the system. And prevents metal contamination.

• Molded end caps to stop leaks

The fuel filter 364-5287 have Molded end caps which can prevent leaks.


The Fuel Filter 364-5287 can use on the many models as follows:



312E L 320D, 314E CR 315D L 324E, 320E, 312D, 312E, 324E LN 320E RR 329E L 318E L 323D L 316E L 320E L 324E L 319D L 319D LN 320E LN 312D L 314E LCR 320D L 320E LRR 320D GC 329E, 323E LN 323E L 323E SA


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