Replace Donaldson Air Filter ECB085056

Replace Donaldson Air Filter ECB085056

Part Number: ECB085056
Parts Name: Air Filter
Brand: Donaldson
Replaces: Fleetguard AH8899, MANN 51083010016

Product Details

Product Introduction of the Air Filter ECB085056:

The Air Filter ECB085056 can replace Fleetguard AH8899, MANN 51083010016. The air filter ECB085056 materials and technology is the same as that of the original factory.


Product Parameter of the Air Filter ECB085056


Part Number


Parts Name

Air Filter



Overall Height

298.50 mm

Outlet diameter 

150.00 mm

Body diameter maximum

196.00 mm




Fleetguard AH8899, MANN 51083010016


Product Features of the Air Filter ECB085056

The air filter ECB085056 have a high density of laminated filter paper, a small stack gap, have a larger filter area, a better filtering effect, and a longer service life. The hard middle band is soft and elastic, the interface is better fit for the original car assembly, and meanwhile, it has good sealing property and buffer performance. 

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