Air Filter AF4100 For Volvo Excavator TD70B TD70G Engine

Air Filter AF4100 For Volvo Excavator TD70B TD70G Engine

AF4100 Air Filter Reference Cross WIX 46920,Donaldson D085011,X770088,Renault 5000682145 Use For Volvo TD100A Engine

Product Details

Product Parameter of the AF4100 Air Filter


Parts Number:


Parts Name:


Physical Dimensions

Overall Height

712 mm (28.031 inch)

Largest OD

196 mm (7.717 inch)

Largest ID

101 mm (3.976 inch)

Primary Application

VOLVO 823701




WIX 46920

Donaldson D085011,X770088

Renault 5000682145

Sakura A2404,A-2404

Vauxhall GM 25177171

Volvo 11033838,110338381,3825778,38257788,823701,8237018,82377018




EC230B, EC300, H10; H10B; H10LC; H10M; H10MB(Volvo TD60B, TD61ACE Engine), H11, H11B, H12; H12B(Volvo TD70B, TD70G Engine), H14, H14B, H14B; H14BLC, H16; H16B; H16C; H16D, H16; H16B; H16C; H16D(Volvo TD100A Engine), H21(Volvo TD100A, TD100B Engine), H25; H25B(Volvo TD120B, TD120G Engine), H25C(Volvo Engine), H5M(Volvo Engine), H7; H7BLC; H7MB; H7M(Volvo TD60B, T61ACE Engine), H9(Volvo D70A Engine), H9; H9B; H9BLC; H9M; H9MB; H9T(Volvo TD60A, TD70B Engine), Volvo B1200, D60; D60A; TD60; TD60A; TD60B; TD60C; TD60D, KL121; KL121B, KL130; KL131, LM1254, LM1640; LM1641(D100, TD100 Engine), TD100G; TD101F; TD101G; TD100GPP; TID100KG;-KPP, TD120C; TD120D; TD120E; TD120F; TD120G; TD121; TD121F; TD121G; TD120HD, TD61A; TD61AG; TD61AP; TD61AW, TD71A, TID162, TID71AG, Volvo Penta TMD121KG; TMD121LG


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