131-8822 Primary Air Filter Radial Seal

131-8822 Primary Air Filter Radial Seal

Parts Number:131-8822
Parts Name:Air Filter
Replace Brand:CAT
Replaces:Fleetguard AF25589, Baldwin RS3736

Product Details

Product Introduction of the Air Filter 131-8822:

The Air Filter 131-8822 can replace Fleetguard AF25589, Baldwin RS3736.

Product Parameter of the Air Filter 131-8822:

Part Number


Parts Name

Air Filter



Overall Height

342.00 mm

Outer Diameter

236.00 mm


Product Application of the Air Filter 131-8822:


CS-683E, CS-563E, CS-533D, CP-533D, CS-663E, CP-663E, CS-563D CS-583E, CP-563E, CP-573E, CP-563D, CS-573D, CS-531D, CS-583D, CS-573E


320D, 320C, 320F L 323D L 320D LRR 320D L 320E L 323F L 320D2, 323D2 L 320E LRR 320D2 L 325B L 320D2 FM 321D LCR 323D LN 320D RR 320D2 GC320C FM 322C FM 320E LN 323F 323F OEM 323E SA 322B LN 321C 320B L 323E LN 323D SA 322C, 320E, 322B L 320D LN 323F LN 325B LN 320B, 320B N320E RR 320D GC 323E L 323D, 320D FM 320C L 320D FM RR 323D S 320B S

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